Universal Objects:Zen_Garden

Tanja Vujinović

Interactive computer installation
Production: Ultramono, 2017

In equilibrium between chaos and order, avataric objects have been treated like explosion particles, with the aggressive effects silenced and slowed down. Universal Objects: Laguna and the similar work Zen_Garden are created in a computer game engine. These environments show the essence of digital objects and their states of being with all the noise they contain and the glitches their frictions produce. Events and behaviours of digital objects show their materiality and liminality, and are scattered to form a puzzling landscape. Micro events and so-called non-playable characters or objects are stuck in idle modes, infinitely performing routine tasks. Body parts and bodies as completed and functional units coexist in this habitat of discrete events.

Tanja Vujinović (Tatjana Vujinović Kušej)
Intermedia Artist & Researcher
Ultramono Institute