Universal Objects:Observers

Tanja Vujinović 
Single-channel HD video, 1:44 minutes, digital prints
Production: Ultramono, 2015-2017

Avataric objects, representations of semi-abstract agents of artificial intelligence that are constantly crawling and regulating space around us, have the role of observing, analysing and classifying data.
In Universal Objects: Observers 1 & 2 avatars observe iterations of themselves displayed in a gallery environment. Placeholder Images are made for interactive works Park 1 & 2 as a stream of collisions and glitches of avatars' body rituals. Levitations is a series of seven digital prints of avatars caught amidst ritual levitations created for the interactive works Park 1 & 2.

Tanja Vujinović (Tatjana Vujinović Kušej)
Intermedia Artist & Researcher
Ultramono Institute