Tanja Vujinović 
Interactive computer installation
Production: Ultramono, 2015

Garden examines the status of virtual spaces to host content that question utopian and dystopian reading of technology. Avataric objects, imaginary locations, immaterial, virtual flora seem to be dependent and attached to one another. Contrary to typical computer and video games, here there is no score, speed, nor adrenalin fueled activity. Everything is slowed, and the only interactivity offered is the ability to move around the space. Universal Objects: Garden is a surreal digital garden full of avatars performing rituals. It is a real-time 3D work built in a video game engine that enables a visitor to stroll through and explore the surroundings from a first-person perspective. The visitor is invited to explore hidden sounds, corners and the avatars' body modifications in this unusual garden.

Tanja Vujinović (Tatjana Vujinović Kušej)
Intermedia Artist & Researcher
Ultramono Institute