Tanja Vujinović
Installations (six live audio-visual processing units or single-channel HD video, 18:33 min.)
Production: Ultramono, 2015-2017

Technology has always provoked premonitions, imagination, and speculations ranging from utopian to dystopian. What is hidden in-between clear radio channels, or what anomalies could be found in waste arrays of signals coming from outer space?
U_sound_objects consist of six generative audio-visual works. They are made of constantly mutating 3D objects, partially transformed by six sounds appropriated from a well-known library of unexplained sounds. Polygons of three-dimensional objects are being generated, fragmented and repositioned in real time while different, random parameters of low-frequency noise generators affect their surface textures. The inner trails of these abstract digital bodies envelop the unknown while their trajectories slowly reveal possible structures.