Tanja Vujinović
Installation (objects, loudspeakers, video projection, custom electronics, custom-made software, computers, live video and sound processing)
Production: Ultramono, 2011
Executive producer: Andraž Jan Kušej
Photographic documentation: Andraž Jan Kušej, Sunčan Stone
Project support: The Ministry of Culture RS, MOL Cultural Department, Conrad Electronic d.o.o. k.d.

Superohm is a playground for various toy-like objects. These textile objects with built-in electronic components can be divided into different groups, each with a different role. Some leave light traces behind while moving vigorously; some allow us to influence the sound in the space through the built-in optical sensors, while others barely move. The furry object with the video camera mounted on the ceiling monitors their actions, so that the entire processed playground can be viewed on the video projection. The resulting play between these “creatures” is full of digital and physical frictions as well as noise interferences; while moving, the objects build soundscapes and influence the existing topographic imprints of their own world.