Supermono 2/3

Supermono 2&3
Tanja Vujinović
Installation (objects, custom electronics, custom-made software, computers, live video and sound processing)
Production: Ultramono and and B-51, 2008
Executive producer: Andraž Jan Kušej 

Project support: The Ministry of Culture RS, MOL Cultural Department, Conrad Electronic d.o.o. k.d., Tosama d.d.
Photo documentation: Tanja Rojc, Suncan Stone, Nada Zgank, Andraž Jan Kušej

Supermono 2&3 is a tactile, sonic and visual digital environment. The main protagonists in this work are various sized black fleece objects that resemble plush toys. They are given various tasks. Some produce sounds, some transmit signals and send them into processing, while some play pre-processed sounds and video. In this work our contacts and movements are translated into oscillations and reverberations.