Soft Machine 2D Studies

Soft Machines-2D Studies
Tanja Vujinović
Series of eighty seven digital prints, 60x60cm
Produced by Ultramono, 2013

The series Soft Machines-2D Studies consists of monochromatic, digital, two-dimensional studies of electronic and kinetic sculptures. Some of them were previously created in three-dimensional form, some of them might be created in the future, while a number of them will most likely continue to exist merely in the two-dimensional world. They are simultaneously creature-like subjects, conductors of impulses and performative objects. They vary from machine like forms made from nets of woven black substance, through anthropomorphic sponges with electronic parts, to swarms of vibrating micro-objects.
As Norbert Wiener would say while pondering on the image of the machine (a ‘multiple-input, multiple-output’ converter that may lead to uneasy comfort) these true images of machines are no longer merely pictorial images but have become “operative” images that demonstrate form, function and the routing of signals. These “operative images” or “autopoetic machines” are contraptions that function on their own or within a group.