Park 1

Universal Objects: Park1 
Tanja Vujinović 
Real-time 3D environment, installation
Production: Ultramono, 2016

Park1 is a realtime 3D work built in a video game engine made for contemplative play and is filled with animistic and anthropomorphic data. Park, a work belonging to the Universal Objects series and similar to other works from the cycle, is made of excavations and interventions within the material infrastructure of the digital. It is a vast digital environment occupied by mutated digital objects. It is a contemplative environment made of fifteen different fields, thirteen “performative” houses, bots that perform rituals, and digital artworks for public space from the Universal Objects collection. Visitors can enjoy random walks, they can jog through the park, or systematically visit the whole park by observing one segment at a time. Visitors use arrow keys, the shift key and space bar on a keyboard to move their avatar through digital space.