Installation (object, loudspeakers, video projection, custom-made software, computer, live video and sound processing)
Author: Tanja Vujinović
Production: Ultramono, 2011
Photographic documentation: Ultramono and Bostjan Lah

How do we enter into the loop with our synthetic others (non-human agents of synthetic origin) that are sometimes also our comfort objects?  How hard are we trying to personify, personalise and build sensual encounters with the non-human, inorganic, synthetic life-forms?

Our presence,  a technological totem and third generative "being" form a continuous data loop. Oskop is a black totem-like object that mirrors and transforms our presence into a continuous formation of a dynamic, sound sensitive, digital organism. The object contains a video camera which emits a signal that is processed in a custom-made patch, and the result is displayed in the space as a real-time audio-visual composition.