Tanja Vujinović
Installation (objects in public space and the gallery, custom electronics, custom-made software, computers, live video and sound processing)
Production: Ultramono, 2009, executive producer: Andraž Jan Kušej Vujinović, co-production: KID Kibla 
Technical realisation: Tanja Vujinović, Andraž Jan Kušej, Lenart Kranjc, Blaž Stepišnik (Hovercraft d.o.o.)   
Project support: The Ministry of Culture RS, Protrans d.o.o.

Oscilorama is a work that consists of multiple toy-like objects – a balloon floating in a public space, a number of small, similarly shaped textile “creatures” placed in the gallery, and processing captured data in real time. A signal emitted by the camera installed in the custom-made balloon that floats in the public space is continually transmitted to the computer and processed. Everything that the camera captures is translated into algorithms that generate audio-visual compositions in the gallery. The numerous textile objects located within the gallery transmit parts of the generated sound through their built-in loudspeakers.