Tanja Vujinović

Installation (objects in public space and the gallery, custom-made electronics, custom-made software, live processing, sound, video) 
Production: Ultramono, 2009
Co-production: KID Kibla
Technical realisation: Tanja Vujinović, Andraž Jan Kušej, Lenart Kranjc, Blaž Stepišnik (Hovercraft d.o.o.)
Project support: The Ministry of Culture RS, Protrans d.o.o.

Oscilorama is a work that consists of multiple objects – a balloon floating in a public space, a number of small similarly shaped textile objects placed in the gallery, and the processing of captured data in real time.  Shapes of objects are reduced to basic forms that hover between a human and a simplified zoomorphic outline. Each has a technological implant that invites us to establish a dialog with them. They are related to otherwise abstract agents of artificial intelligence that crawl, analyse and regulate our surroundings, but due to the many benefits they offer us, we don't object. A signal emitted by the camera installed in the custom-made balloon floating in the public space is continually transmitted to the computer and processed. Everything that the camera captures is translated into an audio-visual stream in the gallery. The numerous textile objects located within the gallery transmit parts of the generated sound through their built-in loudspeakers.