Oscilo 2
Tanja Vujinović, Installation (custom-made software, video projector, computer, loudspeakers, digital prints), production: Ultramono, 2012

How do we create agents of synthetic origin? How biomimicry inspires bionic systems and their functions?

How do we go about growing digital organisms in silico, and what purposes and functions we might assign to them? What bio-political functions these organisms envelope? 

As non-living agents they are testing grounds for all sorts of experiments and gathering of valuable data and generation of knowledge. (Ab)use of such agents also posits questions related to living agents, social, bio-political agendas and ideologies of contemporary world. 

Oscilo 2 objects are generated from the elements of a three-dimensional prototype object. The basic geometrical elements of this object are juxtaposed, enlarged, rearranged or stacked into one another according to random algorithms.