ȶ Ʌ Ɏ Ưƙ Ʈ Ʊ ǃ ǓƔ (Relics&Elixirs): Omen/OmenXXL
Tanja Vujinović
Single-channel HD video, 16:37 minutes, digital prints, installation
Production: Ultramono, 2017
Works from the series ȶ Ʌ Ɏ Ưƙ Ʈ Ʊ ǃ ǓƔ (Relics&Elixirs) are hermetic navigational maps through reality and intertwined micro and macro worlds. This project brings together iconography of diagrams and flags of secret societies, historical symbolism, and visual aesthetics of alchemical drawings filled with layers of coded knowledge. Starting points for these works vary from the algorithmically generated “lorem ipsum” text (usually serving as a provisional, universal Latin script in graphic design), mythology, Latin proverbs, Gothic horror literature, and randomly selected Unicode symbols to the history of alchemy. This series of works, through poetic means, gives the nod to a history of secret knowledge coding.