Tanja Vujinović

Installation (polyptych HD video, 7 projections, F1: 1,32 min., F2: 3,19 min., F3: 2,58 min., F4: 3,24 min., F5: 2,49 min., F6: 4 min., F7: 4 min.)
Production: Ultramono, 2017

Otherwise abstract agents of artificial intelligence are crawling and regulating space around us constantly. Here they are assuming avatar shapes and we become aware of their existence and their constant negotiation, tracking, and sorting.

Universal Objects: Formations 17 is a series of seven videos showing rituals executed by humanoid virtual objects. These sets of behaviors seem like strict tasks being performed in choreographed rituals. The game these eight bots are always replaying is floating between autonomous and regulated behavior. They coexist in a group while being constantly regulated by the looks of the other bots, which can be understood as the Look, the regulatory instrument that J.P. Sartre wrote of.
As in Noh theatre, slow rhythm, “masks” suggesting states of consciousness, emphasized gesticulation, movements that are inspired by movements of Zen monks, but also movements that have roots in martial arts are all creating an endless non-narrative that embodies repressive forces of technological surveillance and the transmission of consciousness to the digital domain.