This page containes various studies (smaller works) from Discrete Events in Noisy Domains series.

Tanja Vujinović 
Single-channel HD video, 3 minutes, and two-channel HD video, installation
Production: Ultramono, 2014

This is a study of the intrinsic sound of a "black box" of digital technology. Within W-Diptych we witness the pure, abstract noise of digital signals. This landscape is an infinite zone of digital streams of generated noise. This space is neither flat nor deep. It has no defined dimension nor does it offer any visual illusions or representations. As the intrinsic poetry of devices, usually hidden and invisible, here, trajectories of digital matter envelope each other, mutate, and warp in infinity.

Tanja Vujinović
Generative works (live audio-visual processing) and single-channel HD video, 18:33 minutes
Production: Ultramono, 2015-2017

Technology has always provoked premonitions, imagination, and speculations ranging from utopian to dystopian. What is hidden in-between clear radio channels, or what anomalies could be found in waste arrays of signals coming from outer space?
U_sound_objects consist of six generative audio-visual works. They are made of constantly mutating 3D objects, partially transformed by six sounds appropriated from a well-known library of unexplained sounds ( Polygons of three-dimensional objects are being generated, fragmented and repositioned in real time while different, random parameters of low frequency noise generators affect their surface textures. The inner trails of these abstract digital bodies envelop the unknown while their trajectories slowly reveal possible structures.

Extagram 1/2 (Extagram/Oscilo)
Tanja Vujinović, Installation/Compilation of audio-visual works
Production: Ultramono, 2007
Installation (objects, custom electronics, computer, live video and sound processing)
Production: Ultramono, 2007
1. Oscilo-DOE507, 6:15 min. / 2. Extagram-02, 1:47 min. / 3. Extagram-03, 1:56 min. / 4. Extagram-ST807, 3:15 min. / 5. Extagram 5, 3:22 min. 

Extagram/Oscilo explores intrinsic signals and frequencies of electronic and early digital equipment.
Extagram 1 consists of six black textile objects with incorporated custom made electronic components. The exhibition’s visitors influence the quantity and quality of the audio-visual particles transmitted by these objects by touching them or moving in their proximity. Extagram 2 recycles digital particles from the Extagram/Oscilo audio-visual works. Extagram/Oscilo is devised as a collection, a digital library of recycled frequencies, mutating glitches, trajectories of test-signals and particles of toy sounds.


Pulpa.rgb; Audio-visual installation (custom-made software, computer, video projection and loudspeakers), 2011;; Audio-visual installation (custom-made software, computer, video projection and loudspeakers), 2011;
Pulpa.rgb.2, Audio-visual work, 2:32 min, 2010, Production: Ultramono, 2010-2011

Works generate a continuous flux of abstract and enigmatic data streams. The starting point for visual layers is a red, green and blue image matrix for Pulpa.rgb, and a black and white image matrix for, while the sound is generated from test signals. These works allow us to observe the process in real time and witness the soft dissolution of amorphous digital elements that occasionally become concrete and distinctive, just to melt back into a lava-like sea of digital noise.

Oscilo 2
Tanja Vujinović, Installation (custom-made software, video projector, computer, loudspeakers, digital prints), production: Ultramono, 2012
Oscilo 2 objects are generated from the elements of a three-dimensional prototype object. The basic geometrical elements of this object are juxtaposed, enlarged, rearranged or stacked into one another according to random algorithms.

DEIND, Study #13
Tanja Vujinović
Installation (custom made software, computer), production: Ultramono, 2010

Tanja Vujinović (Tatjana Vujinović Kušej)
Intermedia Artist & Researcher
Ultramono Institute