Tanja Vujinović
Installation (single-channel HD video, 16 min., and four separate projections)
Production: Ultramono, 2015-2017 

Amidst the technological revolution which is spreading to many previously separated realms of knowledge, generating new disciplines and provoking new experiments, what type of previously non-existing matter might we generate along the way?
New life forms are emerging in the shape of hyperrealistic life forms and behaviors, simultaneously happening in vitro and in silico.

Scientific research and biohacking labs enable interventions within genes and their coupling - what these new entities provoke and oscillate towards their surroundings?
Synthetic biology (in vitro) and computational generative synthetic life forms (in silico) - lifelike, organic particles, plant matter, steel, concrete, glass particles, plastic - all of these particles are turbulently mixed up within a vortex of simulated matter.

Universal Objects: Explosions is a work containing four scenes of exploding objects. Only for a brief fragment of time are we able to see the delicate objects before and after they start exploding. These events are silently observed by a group of avatars. We are progressively handing over our cultural databases to agents of artificial intelligence. Otherwise abstract agents are here gaining avataric shapes in simulated surroundings where they disinterestedly observe and analyse our/their cultural heritage.