• MetaGarden Sphere2

    ⛲️You can still visit my solo show MetaGarden Sphere2 at Obalne galerije Piran, Loza Koper Gallery - its on display till 20th of October, and Carboflora was also presented during 25th IFCA - International Festival of Computer Art organized by Sonda Trinajst Miha Horvat and the rest of the team MKC Maribor and curated by Tjaša Pogačar. Within Carboflora, its carboniferous and other generated virtual plantoid objects reflect levels of air pollution. Thanks to Gaja Boc and Sara Bertoncelj Čadež for help with programming, and Mihajlo Đorović for recreating new versions of few sounds that are the base of the soundscape being regenerated every time the agent walks through the Carboflora environment. Thanks to Dariusz Andrulonis who have given us few 3D objects of reconstructed carboniferous plants!

    Objects called Fontana, Arbora and Protectors, Genera, and virtual environment Carboflora measure, monitor, reflect and intervene within the environment and are made of futuristic mythological twists, custom-made electronics, and a lot of programming. Works are coproduced by Ultramono and SciArtLab group - Vid Podpečan helped with Arbora installation, Gregor Krpić with Protectors. Gregor Primc (Department of Surface Engineering, IJS) and Arijana Filipic (Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology, NIB) helped with the development of Fontana. Genera’s reactor is developed in collaboration with Luka Suhadolnik (Nanostrukturni materiali IJS / Nanostructured materials IJS). Genera was 3D printed in Cirkulacija2 (thanks Stefan Doepner) and other objects were printed in RogLab (thanks Tomo Per). And, as usual, this would not be possible without help of my Jan Kušej!
    Thanks Neural (Alessandro Ludovico, Benedetta Sabatini) and Primorske Novice (Andraz Gombač) for the latest reviews!