• Few elements from the Elixir Distillers exhibition

    The exhibition Elixir Distillers is part of the multi-year project Anthropomorphic Machines, which is created on the twentieth anniversary of my artistic practice - through these new installations I summarise the key thematic elements defining my works - anthropomorphic and abstract machines, their roles in virtual/actual worlds, algorithms of noise, relationship of body, consciousness and technology, as well as the »uncanny« of technology.

    Within this particular exhibition, I am exploring panacea - elements for elixirs and anthropomorphic agents are here functioning as research tools - the process of creating and involving these in everyday life brings about “objects-to-think-with” about past and future technologies. Garden of the Elixir Pill (Rx: Cinnabarit, Realgar, Boswellia Sacra, Lead, Rainwater, Atmospheric Particles)

    Garden of the Elixir Pill (Rx: Distilled Water, White Clay, Ganoderma Lucidum, Natural Sea Sponge, European Black Nightshade)

    Spiritus Agens (Rx: Diluted Alcohol processed through Active Charcoal)

    Elixir Station (Rx: Alcohol, Distilled Water, Arundo Donax, Cannabis Sativa)

    Garden of the Elixir Pill (Rx: Silica sand, synthetic organisms, three instances of "higher" organisms meditate through sound, their heads are located in real-time generated environment where they regenerate Tao Te Ching using Markov Chain algorithm) 

    Elixir Machine (Rx: relocation of a person into the virtual world, where s/he leaves a mark in the form of a unique randomly generated geometric object)