• more photos from my exhibition ”Universal objects”

    From the press release of The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Gallery of Science and Technology: 

    Exhibition ”Universal objects”, 28. April – 25May 2017., Author: Tanja Vujinovićnew media artist and Ph.D in Philosophy and Theory of Visual Culture

    Centre for promotion of science is organizing second Art & Science festival in Belgrade, which brings together exhibitions of artworks and art related activities and the varied educational program.

    Gallery of Science and Technology of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences participates in this year’s Art & Science program with the exhibition ‘’Universal Objects”, of Serbian-Slovenian artist Tanja Vujinović. 

    In the gallery of Science and Tehnology, Tanja Vujinović will exhibit three works from the series "Universal Objects" that were created in the environment of computer games, and take place in real time. Digital world is taken over by mutated structures and objects which create space for contemplation and relaxation. Visitors can enjoy random walks by exploring the space. 

    All photos in this post are taken by Ivan Zule Zupanc.