• Digital prints at the Inter-cool 3.0 exhibition

    S#12 works were presented at inter-cool 3.0 at HMKV Dortmund - from inter-cool 3.0/HMKV press release: "Grime, Cosplay and Bling Bling: inter-cool 3.0, a large interactive exhibition at Dortmunder U, presents global and local image and media worlds by more than 70 renowned media artists... Bodies, identities and subcultures have long since been an integral part of the discourse on youth cultures. These and other topics are at the core of the art exhibition inter-cool 3.0 organized from 17 September to 28 November 2010 at the Dortmunder U by the Hartware MedienKunstVerein, the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, and the Cultural Office of the City of Dortmund.