• Oscilorama at the Gallery Kibela and the Main Square Maribor

    Oscilorama consists of multiple textile and PVC objects that contain various electronic components.

    Oscilorama embodies features of electronic pets, due to which an increasing number of sophisticated responsive functions are entering our intimate sphere, as mediators in our daily lives.

    A signal from the camera installed on the object-balloon that floats outside in the public space is continually transmitted to the main station, where processing is carried out by a custom-made computer program: everything that happens within the frame is translated into algorithmic values that generate real-time audio and video signals in the gallery.

    The result is an audio-visual composition generated by passers-by. Oscilorama's tactile audio-visual environment is additionally composed of textile and plastic objects in the gallery that also participate as components in the generation of random data.

    Installation (objects in public space and the gallery, custom electronics, computers, live video and sound processing) 
    Gallery Kibela (MMC Kibla), and the Main Square Maribor, 3.7.2009 – 11.7.2009. 
    Author: Tanja Vujinovic 
    Executive producer: Jan A. Kusej 
    Production: Ultramono, 2009, 
    Co-production: KID Kibla 
    Technical realisation: Tanja Vujinovic, Jan Kusej, Lenart Kranjc, Blaz Stepisnik (Hovercraft d.o.o.)
    Project support: The Ministry of Culture RS, Protrans d.o.o.

    More about the project HERE.