Tanja Vujinović
Installation (object, computers, custom-made computer software and electronics)

Programing, custom-made electronics: Tanja Vujinović , Bruno Blazinč

Production: Ultramono
, 2012, executive producer: Andraž Jan Kušej
Project is supported by: The City of Ljubljana Municipality Department for Culture, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport RS

Bloberizator is a device that "blobberizes" its visitors appearance upon their request. When not performing the task of "blobberization", the Bloberizator murmurs and produces sounds that range from discreet to loud in order to amuse itself. However, when we wish to have our portrait "blobberized" and send it our request by triggering the portrait production mechanism, it starts to produce the image and announces this with signals that spring from its head. Finally, upon announcing that the portrait is finished, it ejects it from its mouth. This sets it back to its usual murmuring "stand by" mode where it amuses itself, absorbed in the stream of its thoughts. The blog hosts a series of live images produced by the Bloberizator sculpture. The work’s custom made processing application will continually upload these images during its testing and exhibitions.