Tanja Vujinović
Installation (two single-channel HD videos, 2:50 min. each)
Production: Ultramono, 2017

How do we portray and place ourselves into the lifeworld of the post-humanist era? What type of the post-digital placeholders do we use to get in touch and intervene into the panorama of the networked grid? What bio-political ideologies guide us in these processes beyond superficial ones like instant gratification and improvement? What is considered aesthetically pleasing in processes of body constructions within virtual aesthetic surgeries? Are virtual spaces just a playground for the changes and processes that will soon be available due to the proliferation of biotechnology and synthetic biology?

While asking myself these questions, I am also developing a speculative narrative that ties all the works from the circle about what might potential futures hold.

Surfaces of screens, projections, desktop simulations, and application windows - it seems that every encounter happens at the very surface of things, in seemingly immaterial apparitions of multimedia constructs that erect and disappear at the click of the button. Yet the users are deeply emotionally invested in virtual worlds and their specific narratives. Simulations that we have delegated to represent us, our object representatives which are also our comfort and transitional objects, our capsules, are surface objects, simulations of hollow, inflated geometrical shapes of variable resolutions and textures.

Users' representational images (icons, thumbnails, avatar objects) in cyberspace have a life of their own. Detached from their users, they represent imaginary fleeting moments and interactions staged for the mediated post-reality. Forced positivity, good mood, ecstatic behaviors, and facial expressions have a backside of constant tracking and analysis of other users. Universal Objects: BFF 1&2 are two psycho-scape vignettes about the heaviness of online life, about the depths of shallow relationships and their implications on the cosmetic appearance of avatars.