My works are made of excavations and interventions within the material infrastructure of the digital by using software applications, custom electronics and physical and digital objects. This encompasses data bending, raw data manipulations, loops, and mutations. Works either take the form of specific situations or dynamic environments, which are brought to life with the help of virtual machines.

Within my work I question the relationship between consciousness and technology through digital animism and anthropomorphisation. Anthropomorphisation has always been present in art and culture. Human physiognomy, characteristics and behaviour were assigned to a wide range of objects, from deity figurines, to non-living entities, to toys and dolls for purposes as diverse as religion or play. Technological and collective unconscious (as C.G. Jung would put it) can be found within anthropomorphic objects, but also in processes and machines, from simple motor driven toys to complex algorithms that run software programs.

Within my works I explore the poetry of noise. Noise serves as a vehicle towards mutations and poetics within the digital world. Noise, as an agent of serendipity, enables new discoveries. Noise, as a primal principle, such as Brownian noise for example, is one of the structural rhythms of nature and social emergencies. In my works it appears as both the substance and as an organizational principle. Works are as well inspired by the relationship between noise and signal as found in the information theory.

Within my works I also explore the culture of play, which enables phenomenological experience of artwork through its sensorial aspects and emotional impact.

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